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Clear your mind, and let us take care of your CV. Our CV writing service will help you stand out from the crowd and ensure that your application gets the attention it deserves.

We take your CV and make it professional!  If you find that your CV has not been getting you any job offers, or companies are not giving you a chance to apply, it is because they do not like your resume. Our team of expert recruiters will help you enhance your resume by revising it for better visibility to the employers.

Your CV is the most important document to get your foot in the door when trying to get a job. It needs to be professional and cover-all so that it caters for most roles. We advise you on how to create and how to portray you skils on your CV.  We help you all the way!

How we work?


We’re here to help you with your CV. Let’s get to know each other and find out where you need help with your CV, before looking at some of our CV writing services.

CV Writing

We offer an unrivalled 48-hour turnaround for CVs. We take a look at everything from the consultation and put it into a professional CV format.


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At Kenya Career King… We’ll listen, we’ll be empathetic and we will absolutely understand where you are on your career path right now. This can be tricky when submitting your CV because it goes without saying that you have achievements and skills but also experience. Career change is common in our industry and we can help you with that too.


Your CV should stand the test of time, it should be proof that you have the right skills, experience and attitude to make an impact in your field. That’s what makes us different from others in the industry. We can help you write a compelling resume that shows off all your professional accomplishments, without date-filling filler!

Our CV writing and interview coaching services are headed up by our Senior Associate. All our associates are well equipped in helping people improve their CVs and personalise their interview approach.

We create in Word and PDF, so you are covered.  We can on special request can provide in google docs. – rest assured we will work with you to provide a tailored and complete service.

We can help you refine it, but more so, we can get one of our associates to site with you and guide you to what you are doing wrong.

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